Change Log April 2021


Here’s what’s changed this month with our website, discord and Minecraft server. I will try to put out a Change log every month towards the middle or the end. All previous can be found under the #updates post category.


  • Updated DiscordSRV, RewardPRO and voting plugin.
  • Updated Geyser and Floodgate to allow latest bedrock clients.
  • Adding voting sites for Discord and Minecraft. (Minecraft has rewards)
  • Added NPCs to spawn (some for information and some for Jobs)
  • Set up top 5 vote board for all time, monthly, weekly and daily
  • Added a temporary jail for the naughty ones!
  • Added donation rank channels to discord nothing special just a channel for donation Ranks.
  • Added 3 new reactions to activities, blog, comments
  • Roles now sync when you purchase Ranks this means roles show up in forum profiles only atm. (added forum menu back).
  • Role will sync across server website and discord when purchased.
  • Removed current transition on forums page added default transition current one adds on to the page.

In Progress:

  • Adding server/user/town information to scoreboard
  • Setup jobs section in spawn (behind /spawn)
  • Working on setting up permissions per group for all plugins.
  • Working on discord side permissions.
  • Beautifying Spawn and adding information npc, warp signs and server ingame shop.

Open Issues:

  • Donation Ranks in server shop need to be updated to current permissions (will be done once in done permissions system)
  • Jobs join/leave issue from beta users in discord. (commands work npc do not)


  • MoneyFromMobs plugin we have chest shops,voting reward, Jobs and daily rewards to gain a income no need for to much and have a op eco system.
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