Change Log May 2021


We here are a few things that I’ve done over this past month. It may not seem like alot but it’s getting closer or a finished product! If you are interested in helping us test features of the server please join our discord server.


  • Added FAQ channel to discord.
  • Added ?faq-serverip command with dyno bot
  • Started server it’s like discord but with more features.
  • Added Questions ping role to discord.
  • Added mod menu to discord with @[-]
  • Add User react report with @[-] and reaction :user_report:


  • Added Moderator website role
  • Added Life Time server Ranks to webshop.
  • Added some single permissions to the webshop
  • Added Ads to the website need feedback on placement and amount.
  • Finished staff application forum.
  • Added website wishlist plugin back as the Devs have updated it.

Minecraft Server

  • Added Dynmap set it to sub domain
  • Updated Voting Rewards and a few other plugins.
  • Tweaked User/Staff permissions
Bio: Cenastor
Content creator on twitch also the creator of this website.

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