SurvivalMC Rebrand to SurvivalCA!

Announcement General Update

Hello everyone just a quick update on what’s happening with our server!

We are currently working at rebranding the server and all socials from SurvivalMC to SurvivalCA this change is due to a lovely server owner coming to talk to me about there server name being the same. And since they did have it first we have decided to make a change! This is not a bad thing and I have nothing against the owner of and to prove this I do not mind linking there server. You can join there discord here the owners name is Redstone#2107 great guy! If you happen to find this site looking for there server I’ve provided discord and web links above.

With this will come a change to all our social account as you may have noticed some of them change already if you happen to be following.

Make sure to Join our discord and check out our socials. Hope you all have a great day!

Bio: Cenastor
Content creator on twitch also the creator of this website.

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