Update April 1 2021

Announcement General Update

Back again with just a quick update on how things are coming.


  • Featured streams are broken working on a fix for this.
  • Still need to change some site colors so there easer to see
  • Updated some text on the website
  • Updated the discord link in menu now you can join.


  • Added more channels text/voice
  • Still working on permissions
  • I’ve added user verification done by discord.
  • I need some suggestions on channels and bots for our discord. I’ll open a forum for suggestions


  • Completely redone permissions for all groups.(wip)
  • Still working on permissions files.
  • Set Group name to show correct in chat.
  • Set up donation groups
  • Working on kits
  • Working on a town type spawn (we are a towny server after all)

There is still alot to do before we can fully open to the public if anybody would like to help test permission groups and other features please let me know in the comments or join discord.

Bio: Cenastor
Content creator on twitch also the creator of this website. https://twitch.tv/thecenastor

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