Update April 6 2021

Blog Update

Just wanted to give you all a more detailed update on what’s been going on with everything SurvivalMC!

1. Found the farlands glitch on bedrock thought I messed up the chunks with worldedit turns out I didn’t (see here)

2. Been working hard on plugin configuration files DiscordSRV, Towny and VentureChat being a bit more of a pain.

3. Trying to get permission files correct and working for all groups not to mention fair Perks for donations. (first time I’ve used LuckPerms)

4. I’ve been working at a spawn this is how I found the farlands glitch guess I went to far out lol. Anyway I’ve got a building up working at adding more information around spawn also set up spawn protection with WorldGuard.

5. I’ve been posting our discord server on sites like top.gg to help try and bring more users to discord and I turn brings more to our server.

6. I’ve done a few minor things like editing website colors fixing menu items and other things.

7. Added more profile fields ie twitch and Twitter fields put your social link and users can click it.

This is all I can’t think of at the moment but trust me I’ve been working on everything even if it’s not listed here.

Bio: Cenastor
Content creator on twitch also the creator of this website. https://twitch.tv/thecenastor

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