Update March 20 2021

Announcement Update

I’ve been working hard trying to get everything set up on the server and website here are just a few of the changes.

  • Added Credit system (buy credits to use in the shop)
  • Started to add plugin command posts.
  • Added few plugins to the server (Core Protect,Towny,Grief Prevention and more)
  • Working on a discord server.
  • Working on server permissions/groups and server/plugin config files.
  • Changed the name from Basic Survival to SurvivalMC (website title/discord server domain will come later)

Now because currently I am funding this entire server/website by myself on a fixed income the paid groups will be limited most decent plugins cost money and I just don’t have it atm please remember this when purchasing credits/products from the shop.

The shop as of today will be changing mojang has changed there rules quite a bit sence I last set up a server for others so there are a number of things changing with the current packages but like I said above things will be coming I’ve been looking at fun/cosmetic that do not go against mojangs TOS but still fun and interactive for users.

Bio: Cenastor
Content creator on twitch also the creator of this website. https://twitch.tv/thecenastor

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